We provide our customers with a set of technical procedures, practices and routines to buy and sell goods – from the initial conception to final importing activities. We coordinate all foreign trade logistics activities, managing Import, document flow, and regulatory processes, applicable tax conditions and regimes, ultimately saving time and mitigating operational costs.

We are constantly monitoring changes across multiple countries, offering expert consulting services throughout all stages – particularly in the legal and tax areas.

Segments of Imported Products

  • alimento
  • automóveis
  • embarcações
  • bebidas alcoólicas
  • bolas
  • motocicletas
  • aço
  • bolsas
  • eletro
  • pneus
  • vestuário
  • vidro

Operations carried out by tradings and commercial importers are mainly characterized by its advantages.

  • Consolidated product imports from different suppliers;
  • Superior customer service due to the broad range of products offered;
  • Lower operational costs;
  • Inventories allowing regular provisions
  • Expertise across various markets
  • Hands-on approach throughout the entire logistics process
  • Outsourced Import department
  • Tax optimization for each National Distribution project;

Import modalities

  • Tax Regulation - Sole Operation
  • Tax Regulation - Import Account and Order IN 225-02
  • Tax Regulation - Import Order IN 634-06
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Import Mapping